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PT. INAMCO VARIA JASA specializes in the supply, management and development of workforces for the Indonesian mining, energy, and infrastructure development sectors.

We have more than three decades (33 years) of experience supplying complete workforces or selected work groups to meet the short and long term employment requirements of major Indonesian and International clients on projects and operations throughout Indonesia.


Founded in 1978, Inamco provides clients with a full range of workforce supply, management and development services, including recruitment expatriate services. Inamco works closely with clients to develop comprehensive workforce packages that, depending on requirements, incorporate :

  • Consulting on workforce composition.
  • Workforce administration and management.
  • Testing, training, evaluation.
  • Accommodations and mess facilities.

At the core of Inamco workforce operations is the supply of READY TO WORK personnel at a standard of quality only achieved through extensive work experience supplemented by on and off the job training. Before arriving on the job site, our workers have been sourced, interviewed and tested. Only the most capable are accepted for job assignments. On average, each Inamco recruit has a minimum of three years of experience in their field of expertise.

Supporting Inamco workforce operations is our nationwide network of recruiting centers and extensive databanks. The Inamco network is anchored by an East Indonesia regional office in Makassar and the West Indonesia regional office and company headquarters in Jakarta. Radiating from these two key hubs is a web of branch offices in strategically selected locations. The combination of regional hubs with branch offices allows Inamco recruiters to span the archipelago and seek the most qualified candidates from Sumatra to Western Papua and Kalimantan to Sumbawa.


Inamco's network, coupled with our experience, allows us to respond quickly to client requests. Our managers confer closely with clients, to determine the optimal mix of workers from apprentice to journeyman, from new graduate to experienced professional. Inamco supplied and managed workforces are a cost effective option allowing clients to get jobs up and running with quality workers that get the job done.


For more than 3 decades (33 Years), P.T. Inamco Varia Jasa has specialized in developing and administering workforces to meet client needs on large scale mining and infrastructure projects. At present, Inamco has over 2,000 Indonesian Professional and Skilled Trades personnel assigned to projects in Papua, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Java. Inamco clients include: 



P.T. Freeport Indonesia (USA)

P.T. International Nickel Company (Canada)

P.T. Newmont Minahasa Raya (USA)

P.T. Newmont Nusa Tenggara (USA)

P.T. Kaltim Prima Coal (CRA, Australia)

P.T. Kelian Equatorial Mining (CRA, Australia)

P.T. Mine Serve International

P.T. Nabire Bakti Mining

P.T. Irja Eastern Minerals Corporation

P.T. Iriana Mutiara Mining

Cobre Tire (USA)

Bucyrus (Australia) Proprietary LTD.

Komatsu Mining System, INC. (USA)

P.T. Berau Coal

P.T. Nusa Halmahera Minerals (Newcrest)

P.T. Barisan Tropical Mining

P.T. Trakindo Utama

P.T. B A

P.T. Mitsui Indonesia

P.T. Thiess Contractors Indonesia

PT. Orica Mining Services

Metso Mineral Corporation

P.T. Sanggar Sarana Baja

Total Project Solutions (TPS)

Pacific Toyota

Goodyear International Corporation

PT. Pontil Indonesia.

PT. Redpath Indonesia

PT. Sandvik Mining & Construction Indonesia



P.T. Purna Bina Indonesia (Bechtel, USA)

P.T. Kiewit International (USA)

P.T. Tata Disantara (INDONESIA)

Mariani Battista (Italy)

Taylor Woodrow (UK)

Fluor Federal Services (USA)

P.T. Fluor Daniel Indonesia



P.T. AlatieF P & 0 Port Development Company (Australia)

P.T. Nusantara Power Services (Duke Power, USA)

P.T. Excelcomindo (NYNEX, USA)

Ansaldo Gie (Italy)

P.T. Prok Indonesia

P.T. Kuala Pelabuhan Indonesia


Oil & Gas

Total E&P Indonesie

Kufpec (Indonesia) Ltd.

Perkasa Equatorial Sembakung, Ltd.


P.T. Rutledge Indonesia

P.T. Dyno Nobel



PT. Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk.




Jakarta International School

P.T. Smelting (Mitsubishi, Japan)

Mobil Oil Australia Pty. Ltd.

P.T. Bukaka Singtel International

International SOS (PT. Asih Eka Abadi)

Consolidated Bearing CO.(QLD)PTY.LTD (Australia)


At the core of Inamco's capability to respond quickly with ready to work personnel is an organization structure shaped around functions and a continuously expanding network of branch offices to source and recruit qualified workers. The Inamco organization is anchored by the West Indonesia regional office and company headquarters in Jakarta and the East Indonesia regional office in Makassar. In addition, Inamco has a major administration office in Timika, Papua as well as operating offices at the copper and gold mining site of P.T. Freeport Indonesia Company (FIC) in Tembagapura, Papua and the copper mining site of P.T. Newmont Nusa Tenggara in Sumbawa, NTB. 


Radiating from the two key hubs are eight branch offices in Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua with new offices planned in prime locations selected to meet client need. The combination of regional hubs with branch offices allows Inamco recruiters to span the archipelago and seek the most qualified candidates from Sumatra to Papua and Kalimantan to Timor. Each Inamco branch office is fully equipped and staffed with:


  • Recruiters and interviewers possessing the experience and training to assess and evaluate worker abilities from journeyman to apprentice, from new graduate to experienced professional.
  • Expediters and logistics personnel who assure that Inamco workers arrive at the job site on time using the most cost effective methods of transportation.
  • Administrative personnel to handle payroll, taxes, insurance and other local and national statutory requirements.